2013 Thylacine "hunt"

Our Third foray into the beautiful lands of Tasmania .
Okay, it was colder and wetter than we all expected, and I still hate camping but we had a lot of fun and found some great witnesses.
Some of the most recent sightings were up to about 18 months ago.
We have some encouraging leads for areas of high probablity of the animal still existing and found at least one historical photo of a dead thylacine which we dont believe has ever been reproduced in any book before.
There must be others out there and it just takes time to go through archival data bases.
And to our amazement, the locals were not reluctant to talk to us "mainlanders".
We copped some flak from some sections of the media/public for suggesting the animal was still there and some dopey people were claiming it was a waste of taxpayers money.
Except it was our own money.  :)